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How am I doing with this guy?

Please put any comments and concerns here.

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Day 446

Jul. 1st, 2012 01:41 pm
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I haven't written for a while.

Things are weird here. The teleporters act up and a lot of weird things happen. People have swapped bodies, been really happy. I don't get it.

I did make a friend though, or at least get to know someone. Her name's Violet. She's nice.

I got to play baseball for the first time. it's a lot of fun. The guy who taught me, Tommy, is pretty nice to.

I still need to thank that girl for helping me when there was that weird gas. I owe her one, now that I'm thinking straight.

I haven't found a way home yet, but I'm still looking,

Day 397

May. 10th, 2012 11:11 pm
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I'm almost at 400.

I think Luxord's gone. I've looked for him, but I can't find him on the wearable thing. I'll ask tomorrow, if someone's seen him.

I guess that will just leave me and Larxene. I don't know how I feel about that. I wish Axel was here.

I still feel like something's missing, like there's someone I'm supposed to know but don't. I wish I knew who she was. The other guy to. They both seemed so familiar.

It's bugging me. I feel stuck and I don't know what to do.

Day 369

Apr. 19th, 2012 09:43 pm
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I'm starting another diary. I don't know what happened to my other one. I must have left it behind.

I'm not in my world anymore. I'm on a space station called Sacrosanct. I don't know how I got here. I want to go back. I have to go back. I know I do. It's for her...

Luxord and Larxene are here to. I don't know how Larxene is here, since I thought she died. I don't know if I can trust them. I don't think I can trust anyone.

I don't want to be here. The one in charge is dangerous. She tortured someone for trying to get home. I saw what happened. 

It's been 369 days. I guess that makes it a year.

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Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Megan
OOC Journal: [personal profile] urbaninja
Under 18? Nope.
Email/IM:, urbaninja on plurk
Characters Played at Singularity: Leoben Conoy

Character Information ;
Name: Roxas
Name of Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference: Roxas on the KH wiki
Kingdom Hearts on Wikipedia
Canon Point: After defeating Xion, but before fighting Riku. (So just before the end of 358/2 Days)

Note: Most of this setting was written prior to the release of KH: Dream Drop Distance, and as such some new information has been revealed. I've been avoiding spoilers and as such this section has been written in ignorance of that information. My meager knowledge of what has been revealed suggests that this section may need to be revised upon the North American release, but for now, it conforms to canon prior to KH3D.

The world of Kingdom Hearts is unique in that it is not one singular world but rather a collection of worlds that are connected. These worlds are based off of various Disney canons, such as Aladdin and Beauty of the Beast (Agrabah and Beast’s Castle respectively), along with a few original, but plot related worlds (Destiny Islands, Twilight Town, etc). The Disney worlds contain their respective characters, and the Original worlds have their own original characters (main characters Sora, Riku, and Kairi for example, are from Destiny Islands), and both have a healthy dose of Final Fantasy characters thrown in for good measure (Squall, from Final Fantasy 8, and Yuffie, Aerith, and Cid from Final Fantasy 7, exist in the original world Radient Garden/Hollow Bastion. Cloud and Zack from Final Fantasy Seven can be found in Olympus Coliseum (based on Disney’s Hercules), albeit in different games.)

Prior to the start of the series, the worlds were all connected, but that connection was severed, and only a few know of the other worlds or how to travel to them (a key figure in this would be King Mickey or Master Eraqus). Travel between the worlds is done through corridors of light and darkness, or by Gummi ship, and revealing that there are other worlds is considered forbidden.

While it hasn’t been explicitly stated in canon, the separation of the worlds may have been the result of the Keyblade war. This particular bit of backstory has not been elaborated on, but it can be inferred why there are so few keyblade wielders left. And whatever the Keyblade War was, it was a very bad thing. Which is probably why the main villain of the series, Xehanort (this is the bald guy with the beard in Birth By Sleep), wants to open Kingdom Hearts and restart the keyblade war.

One of the major consequences to this splitting of the worlds was the arrival of Darkness, and with the Darkness came the Heartless. This phenomenon was studied by a man named Ansem and his apprentices, but it didn’t go very well for them. The apprentices lost their hearts in an experiment and became the nobodies that would make up Organization XIII. Also manufactured heartless were let out into the worlds, and a group of Disney Villains, led Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty fame, but also including figures such as Pete, Hades, and Captain Hook, decided to harness the Darkness and the Heartless to take over the worlds. They also unknowingly shared a goal with Organization XIII, which was to claim Kingdom Hearts for an unspecified purpose (though it is suggested that it is to reclaim their lost hearts. KH3D apparently reveals this purpose, but again, spoilers.)

Kingdom Hearts is quite simply, the heart of all worlds and all things. When a person becomes a heartless/nobody, their heart goes to Kingdom Hearts. The Heart is the most important thing in the Kingdom Hearts universe. It's also light.

As mentioned before, a Heartless is created when a person’s heart is consumed by Darkness and lost. The shell that remains behind is known as a nobody. Nobodies, like Heartless, come in various forms, ranging from the weakest, known as a dusk, to human-shaped nobodies. Humanoid nobodies are those who lost their hearts but had a strong enough will to remain in human form. While they loose the ability to feel emotions, they do have memories of their time as a human. Essentially, they are a shell of their former self whoever that may have been.

Specific worlds that connect to Roxas would be Twilight Town and The World that Never Was. The World that Never Was was created by Organization XIII and serves as their base of operations. It is shrouded in darkness, and the only inhabitants are Organization XIII, as well as the odd heartless and dusk nobody. It's a large, dark city, where it is constantly raining. It can be interpreted as a world without a heart.

The other is Twilight Town, which is a small, peaceful town that Roxas often visits on missions, as well as when he done his missions. He, Xion, and Axel would sit on the clocktower and eat ice cream following the day’s work and watch the sunset. There's a tramway and a beach and a haunted mansion. All the comforts of home.

Roxas is a Nobody, and more specifically, he is the nobody of the series protagonist, Sora. As such, he contains many similar personality traits to Sora, but in a more muted capacity to his other. Being connected to Sora also allows Roxas to feel a range of emotions, usually in extremes, making him unique as nobodies should not be able to feel emotions, lacking the hearts that enable people to do so.

While he can be considered Sora’s other half, this does not mean that Roxas acts as Sora’s opposite. Rather, as mentioned before, it is as if Sora’s outgoing and happy-go-lucky personality is muted. Like Sora, Roxas is very devoted and loyal to his friends, and is shown to be quite happy when he is with them, laughing and being at ease. He shares Sora's naivety and is a bit ignorant of the world outside of his immediate surroundings. More specifically, he sees the world through the lens of doing missions for the Organization.

He also is shown to be kind, for example, he often helps Xion when they are on joint missions together. He also doesn’t like to have his friends worry about him. He also shares Sora’s dislike of people trying to manipulate him or bend him to their will. Such actions usually result in strong rebellion, as seen in his leaving the Organization. At the same time, he lacks Sora’s lust for life, and optimism, looking at the world with a dark cloud hanging over it. This has not, however, stopped him from desiring a life of his own. He can be rather selfish in that regard, but not selfish enough that he won’t go back to Sora when the time comes.

However, Roxas has an active dislike of people comparing him to Sora, something he reacts to with great anger, and this leads into the fact that Roxas has a very short temper. He is quick to anger and stands his ground in a fight. This anger blinds him to reason and he becomes very focused on venting his anger rather than anything else, and once it fades, he usually has difficulty dealing with the fallout. For example, he doesn't know where to go after he's left the Organization. He is fiercely independent and tends to rebel against his place, and he will actively seek out answers rather than sit around and wait for them to come to him.

While this does make him reckless, Roxas at the same time can be seen as solemn and melancholy, especially as he learns more of the truth about himself. He’s more of a thinker, regarded as the smarter half of Sora and less likely to be pulled along by enemies unless he is angered. Another major difference is that Roxas is less concerned with heroics compared to Sora. He is more interested in living his own life.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions:
-Can wield the Keyblade (a sword that is a key, and can unlock/lock things). Unique in that he can weild dual keyblades, thanks to regaining power from Xion.
-Can use various types of magic (fire, wind, ice, etc)
-Does pretty well on a skateboard.
-Can Summon Samurai nobodies and corridors of darkness.

-His anger. He’s easily riled up and then easy to control
-Shares Sora’s naivety
-Sea-salt Ice cream's a weakness, right?
-He's not very tall

Power Limitations:
-Roxas’s magic follows Final Fantasy power levels that follow the pattern of weak-medium-strong. Ie: Fire > Fira >Firaga. At the point of canon which I am taking him from, Roxas would have the Strong spells, and as a limitation, I propose that they be scaled back to weak or medium.
-The keyblade would be blocked from opening things that shouldn’t be opened (ie: if they are relevant to the plot or something. At the same time, it could be fun if Roxas ended up somewhere he wasn’t supposed to but that would be something to bring up at a later date)
-He probably shouldn’t be able to travel using dark corridors either.

Inventory: Hie keyblades and the clothes on his back. But the keyblade hangs out in hammerspace most of the time.
Appearance: Roxas
Age: 15

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score?

Samples ;
Log Sample:
His mind was still reeling.

He wasn’t really aware of his surroundings and how quickly they’d changed for the first part of it. He was still trying to sort out what had just happened, what he’d just done. He’d fought Xion, defeated her, killed her. And yet, he was stuck wondering who exactly Xion was to him. She must have been important, if he was feeling this overwhelming sadness, but he couldn’t for the life of him say why that was.

He’d think about it later though. Now he had a promise to keep. He said he was going to destroy Kingdom Hearts, even if he couldn’t remember the exact reason. It would come to him in a minute or he’d figure it out on the way, he just needed to go now. Wiping his eyes on his sleeve, he held out a hand to open a portal back to the World that Never Was.

The portal didn’t appear.

After a moment of confusion, Roxas tried again, and then again several more times. Was something blocking him? They couldn’t have taken away his powers, could they? No, he still had them when he left. And it was then that he suddenly became aware of his surroundings. This wasn’t the Station Plaza, nor could he see anything that was familiar. How could he have left Twilight Town without even knowing?

And how was he going to get back?

Network Sample:
[He hasn’t really been listening to Hypatia. It didn’t seem like he was getting any answers he wanted so there wasn’t much of a point. He’s tried to open up portals and use the darkness to get back but nothing’s worked. That hasn’t helped his mood. He was already upset, and now to be frustrated on top of that. It’s just not good. If anything, it’s causing an emotional pile-up, since he’s not the best at processing emotions.

Roxas has managed to turn on the wearable. There’s a boy with a fierce expression on his face, though it looks like he may have been crying earlier. His tone is cold and rather demanding.]

I don’t care about where I am or anything like that. I just need a way back. Someone must have a way to do that, right?

It's important.


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